The most common Spanish verb forms:

The following are common forms of verbs to do with 'perception' and opinion: seeing, thinking etc.

Note that English verbs denoting a person's perception of physical taste, appearance etc are often translated in Spanish by the verb estar. See the Copular Verbs category for forms of this verb.

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Form typeCommon translationFrequency
ververInfinitive(to) see5.6 % of sources
encuentraencontrarPresent 3 Sing(he/she/it) finds/encounters4.9 % of sources
pesarpesarInfinitive(to) weigh (up), carry weight4.1 % of sources
pareceparecerPresent 3 Sing(he/she/it) appears4.0 % of sources
consideraconsiderarPresent 3 Sing(he/she/it) considers3.9 % of sources
destacódestacarPreterite 3 Sing(he/she/it) highlighted/emphasised3.4 % of sources
previstopreverPast participleforseen, predicted, anticipated3.3 % of sources
creocreerPresent 1 Singi believe/think2.7 % of sources
consideróconsiderarPreterite 3 Sing(he/she/it) considered2.7 % of sources
creecreerPresent 3 Sing(he/she/it) believes/thinks2.5 % of sources

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