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Welcome to this Spanish dictionary

Several thousand Spanish words are included and the dictionary is being continually updated with new words and translations.

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 Spanish phrasebook (useful if you don't find the word you're looking for)

How do I type accents?

You generally don't need to type accents on the words you look up. For example, if you type camion or podrian, the dictionary will recognise these as camión and podrían.

Can I look up plurals, conjugated verb forms etc?

In general, yes. Around 25,000 conjugated verb forms are currently recognised, with direct suggested translations given for the most common. Plurals and feminine forms of many adjectives are also recognised.

If a word isn't in, how do I ask for it to be added?

We continually monitor the types of words that people are looking up, and use this information to decide on what new entries to add. So there is no need to inform us of specific words to add: the process will generally happen "automatically" over time!

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