About the spellchecker

The Spanish dictionary has a built-in spellchecker to help you find a word whose spelling you may be unsure of. The spellchecker is a little different to many because it was specifically designed with non-native speakers in mind. Thus, it will suggest spelling alternatives based on sounds and spellings that non-native speakers may confuse, even though a native speaker would be unlikely to make the given spelling mistake:

Coping with different varieties of Spanish

The spellchecker will attempt to suggest alternatives that cut across the widest number of varieties of Spanish. For example, it will frequently suggest alternatives involving z and s being confused with one another, even though such confusion is much less likely for Castillian speakers. (On the other hand, even native Latin American speakers commonly confuse s and z spellings in certain words.) Similarly, y and ll are often suggested for one another.

Version information

Current spellchecker version: 1.1 (19 July 2008).

Dictionary and spellchecker software written by Neil Coffey.
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