Spanish tutorials

The following interactive tutorials will teach you some areas of basic Spanish and allow you practise making simple sentences with on-line exercises.

Basic adjectives with ser and estar
In this tutorial you'll learn to make simple sentences involving the equivalent of am/are/is plus an adjective, such as he's English, I'm tired etc. This tutorial teaches all of the present tense forms of ser and estar. The exercises are designed to give you guided responses to your answers rather than a simple "correct"/"incorrect".
Introduction to Spanish verbs
An overview of the Spanish verb system, plus simple exercises and information allowing you to learn and practise;
How to say I like... in Spanish
A guide to sentences such as I like tennis, where Spanish expresses these sentences "the other way round".
Difficult vocab in Spanish
A summary of various Spanish words that can cause difficulty to English learners (and learners in general), including various so-called falsos amigos: Spanish words that look like English words on the surface, but have a subtly (or sometimes totally) different meaning.


Note that to use the interactive content, you require a recent version of Java. If you don't see the interactive exercises, then see the guide to installing Java.

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