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Exercise: imperfect tense of -ar verbs

On this page, you'll practise the imperfect tense of -ar verbs. For now, you'll just practise the singular forms (yo, , él/ella. Remember:

  • you'll be asked to translate used to... or was/were ...ing, but in either case, you're being asked for the imperfect tense;
  • to form the imperfect tense, replace -ar with -aba: from caminar (to walk), I was walking, I used to walk becomes caminaba);
  • if it's the form, then add -s (so you were walking/used to walk becomes caminabas);
  • be careful of the formal you (usted) form, which just ends in -aba (like the he/she form).

(If you want to practise all forms, continue on to the next exercise.)

On the next page, you can practise all imperfect forms of -ar verbs.

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