Spanish vocabulary flash cards

Vocabulary Flash Cards

From this page, you can print your own Spanish vocabulary flash cards. Various topics are currently available, with more being added periodically. Click on one of the Spanish vocabulary topics in the list below to print cards on the selected theme.

The vocabulary is generally chosen from the Spanish phrases section of the web site. However, in some cases, modifications have been made to the vocabulary (and occasionally items removed) to make it more suitable for flash cards.

If you don't have a printer, or if you haven't time to prepare your own flash cards with this tool, see below for information on ready-made flash cards offered by various publishers.

 Spanish flash cards: Basic adjectives
Vocabulary topics include simple Spanish adjectives and words to accompany them.
 Spanish flash cards: Colours
Vocab covered: names of colours in Spanish.
 Spanish flash cards: Computing
Vocabulary topics include words and phrases to do with using computers and the Internet.
 Spanish flash cards: Days and Months of the Year
Vocab covered: days and months of the year, plus useful phrases for discussing them.
 Spanish flash cards: Food
Vocab covered: names of various types of food.
 Spanish flash cards: Greetings
Vocabulary topics include basic salutations and 'interaction' words such as 'hello!', 'goodbye!', 'excuse me'.
 Spanish flash cards: People and Family
Vocab covered: people and names of family members.
 Spanish flash cards: Pets
Themes include names of common pets, plus words and phrases to do with pets.
 Spanish flash cards: School and Education
Vocabulary topics include school subjects and educational establishments.
 Spanish flash cards: Shops
Themes include names for different types of shop and general Spanish shopping vocabulary.
 Spanish flash cards: Sport
Themes include names of sports, sportspeople and words/phrases connected with sport.

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If you don't have a printer or don't feel like printing your own cards, various publishers produce Spanish vocabulary flashcards that you may like to consider.

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