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Spanish web resources

On this page, we list a number of additional resources that may be of use to both teachers and students of Spanish. Unless otherwise specified, these are resources that have been reviewed by, but are not the responsibility of, authors of the Español-Inglés site.

General learning resources
Various resources for teachers and learners of Spanish, including a "test your Spanish" section, and a mailing list in which you can receive a "Spanish word of the day".
Language Directory
List of web resources and dictionaries for learners and users of various languages.

Other dictionaries

Real Academia Española: 22nd ed (2001)
Semi-prescriptive monolingual dictionary. With appropriate pinches of salt, a useful resource for more advanced learners. The dictionary is known for not being exactly cutting edge in its inclusion (or rather lack) of neologisms.
List of on-line dictionaries maintained by Spanish site Todo Enlaces.

Spanish Glossaries

Spanish computing glossary
Compiled by the author of this site's main dictionary. Contains Spanish-English translations of various extra words and phrases not currently in the main Spanish-English dictionary.